Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear all,

I will write the story of a young, cute German girl called Josefine Andrae who came in Romania to teach romanian children English and German language.

· Name: Josefine Andrae

· Age: 21

· Country: Germany

· City: Jena

· University: -1 year: Nutritional Science

- Now: Communication and Psichology at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Josefine is a lovely girl, with blond hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. She came in Romania with a development program through AIESEC student organization. She saw a poster in the university with “what’s next!” and she went for the interview. Because she decided a bit late where she wants to go, the only country that accepted her was Romania. So, this is why she came here. She joined AIESEC at the begging of May 2010 with the purpose of going in exchange. Josefine came in Romania on 7 August 2010 and she will stay here 6 months. She is working in a private kindergarten called Teddybar in Bucharest. She teaches romanian children English and German and she thinks that this kids are very loud and naughty. She lives and eat in the kindergarten, so she has to pay only for what she is spending outside: water, transport, sweets etc. She visited Brasov and she thinks is a small and beautiful city.

For several years, almost 10, she lived in Africa, in Johannesburg with her parents and she had the opportunity to see zebras and crocodiles. She believes that those animals are quite boring because they stay all day without doing something interesting. When her parents moved back to Germany she had also to come with them. Because of those 10 years spent in Africa she speaks very well English and she knows how to take care of her purse in the subway where many times you can meet face to face with thieves.

In her spare time she likes to go out with her friends, watch movies or TV- series. She likes the movie “Shut eyes” which is quite scary but she told me that even so she doesn't like this type of movies. Her favorite TV-series are: “How I met your mother” and “Desperate wives”. From “How I met your mother” she says she looks like Lily, and I can give her right because she is quite funny like the character is. Also, she likes to go shopping like all the girls, and she enjoys to buy shoes and dresses when is summer. She hates winter, so when outside it is snow she prefer to cheer up going to stores or making shopping. Josefine considers that cooking it is very relaxing and many times she is cooking African food.

Even if she is the only child in her family she says about herself that she is not spoiled. When I asked her to describe herself in 3 words she replay: “I do not want to say anything wrong.” But, after few minutes of thinking she said about herself that she is organized (maybe a bit controlling person), open to new things (something that cannot hurt her), outgoing. She likes to laugh but she does not think she is funny. She loves to make diving and see all the fish in the water. She likes to learn new languages and she already knows: French, Arabic, Italian, German, English. Her favorite desert is “Crème broulée” because is sweet.

In the near future she is planning to find a new internship into communication field, to choose new subjects for her university courses and to get a job. She would like to work in television because she made and internship to „Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen“ (ZDF), 7 weeks and she liked the way is working in television.

My impression about Josefine is that she has a beautiful smile and eyes, she is really funny even if she doesn’t believe this and it is very enjoyable to speak with her. She knows how to live and enjoy everything around her. She is smart and speacking about her experience in Africa made me think about going someday there. It was a great pleasure to meet and talk with her!

Best regards,

Bianca Macovei


  1. Dear Bianca Macovei,

    your story with all its flawed English, is probably the best piece of literature I have read this year, just for its heartfelt content.

    I can't thank you enough for writing that,it really made my little heart happy.

  2. Thank you for this comment. I promise I will read it again and I will correct the mistakes. Next time would be great if you would write your name too. Thanks for reading my blog