Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's go climbing!

Norway is a beautiful country where in January I experimented how is to have light only 4 hours on the day and in May how is to have dark only 4 hours on the night. If in January the sun rose at 10.00 a.m and go down at 2.00/ 2.30 p.m, in May the sun rise at 3.00 a.m. and go down at 00.00 p.m. But I realised that one nice fact is that I can go on the mountains on the evening and come back at 00.00 and the sun just go down at this hour. For me, 5 months in Norway made me understand how is to miss my family, my few friends, my country. Also, I saw how is to be alone or, how is to meet great people that started to be your friends and care about you. Norway taught me that life is joy, smile and oportunities that you don't have to loose them. One good friend of mine, norwegian man, told me that "life does not have such things as problems. It has only challenges and a lot of solutions". It is true! Life is a smile; somethimes is a big smile somethimes is a sad one, but it's just a smile.


Finish the trip on the first mountain with this photo.
Other mountain
Now, in Norway, 10 degrees = hot!

Orsta village

Orsta village and the mountainsAll the mountains around are written
on this methalic cercle

The box with a little notebook
where you can write you name on it.
The dog of my norwegian friend
Ether. The name of the dog is
Curly :)

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