Monday, April 12, 2010

What is asking you a norwegian boy when he meets you for the first time?

When you meet a norwegian boy you try to introduce yourself and talk with him maybe... But what are the questions that a norwegian boy ask you?
First, he says "Hi!" and then he starts to ask you:
1. What is your name? (of course, he wants to know your name)
2. Where are you from? (and if you say : "I am from Romania", he says...)
3. Are you a gipsy? (and if you say : "NO!", he is smiling and he breaths easily)
4. Are you coming from a poor or rich family? (and then you are thinking: "Why is this important?", and then you ask him this and he will replay...)
- Your background says many things about you. And if your family is rich this mean you had a good education. If you are coming from a poor family this mean you want to get married with a norwegian and be rich because of him.

The conclusion?
99% of Norwegians think that they are very rich people and they had great education. I do not say this is not true, but sometimes it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. The important thing is that you are smart or not, if you are a good person or not. Money comes, money goes... Let's meet the 1% of norwegian who wants to meet you as you are and not as your parents money describe you.


  1. well, be a littlebit careful about generalizing. There are many scumbags in Norway for sure but luckily we are not all like this. And I really like the last two sentences of your conclusion :)

  2. That's funny..but i have the same situation all the time when I start to talk for the first time with a norwegian boy ... :(...