Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tired of staying in your room?

On 21 of April 2010, some norwegian students decided to be part of the nature. Because in Volda the spring is coming and also because is boaring to stay and study everyday in your room, some norwegian students decide that would be better for them to move their room outside in the nature. I think is a brilliant idea and sometimes if you want to have more sun in you room it would be an idea to move your room outside.
One of my friends told me that this is for students in the last year of university. If a student in Norway finish his faculty he/ she has to sleep one night outside. Strange but nice!

An other friend of mine told me:
"Rent out!!! Description of room:
1. Size : ulimited
2. Condition: naked
3. Housing Equipment: natural material( bath in the water; when outside is raining
4. Surrounds : broad vision (especially you can see stars in the evening when you are lying in bed)
5. Traffic: convenient (near to Kiwi and school )
This is a room with limited edition. You will have a different
experience of life. And you will be very absorbing like a
star. " (Qian Wang, China)

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