Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weekend Berlin

I am in Berlin for almost one and a half month. At the begging I didn't like this city very much. For about 2 weeks I haven't visited because i was working quite much during the week, so in the weekend i was sleeping, cooking and aranging all the things i need it for the next week. After 2 weeks I was invited to go out with the other 2 interns from ESNA. The spanish girl has many friends here because she is going every day to a german course. So, because of her I met 3 other persons: two interns from Medecine University in Siria and one girl from Bulgaria who was working in Berlin.
W e started to be good friends and we decided to go out to visit Berlin in the weekend because is the only period from the week when we don't have to go to work and stay there 7-9 hours per day.
I saw many important monuments in Berlin and i stayed out many hours just walking, making photos and trying to know better Berlin. When you have nice people around, when you are with your friends everything is just much more easy and nice. Being alone made me hate Berlin for a couple of weeks because i was just working, working, working and trying to sleep as much as i can.
I traveled with s-bahn, u-bahn, buss...but not yet with the tram because i did not need it. Even if the transport here is quite expensive (50 euros per month/ 26 euros per one week/ 2 euros one ticket for 2 hours/ 6.5 euros one day ticket) berliners have a good network of transport. The greatest thing is that all the transports are working 24h/ 24h in the weekend and during the week they work from 4 a.m- 1 a.m and then they have a breack between 1.30 a.m- almost 4 a.m.
As an advise, if you want to come to Berlin don't forget your umbrella because here is raining a lot. Also, take some warm clothes because in the autumn you can have the surprise to see that outside are maybe between 0-5 degrees. From the airport you can take TXL buss and is taking you to Alexander Platz and from there you can take almost everything: s-bahn, u-bahn, buss, tram to go to your hotel.
After one and a half month I can picture out a small and naive portret of Berlin. During the week, berliners are going to work using mostly bikes, s-bahn etc. In the s-bahn and not only, you can see people reading books, newspapers, searching for news online through their computers or phones. The picture is serious, quite, with worried people going to work, with children going to school. You have the senzation you are in a robot world where everything means work. During the weekend (starting with 9 p.m friday, ending 00.00 sunday) the picture of Berlin change 180 degrees. Taking s-bahn, or just walking around you see people drinking, speacking loud, laughing, making jokes, fighting. You start to ask where are all the serious people you saw during the week. In the weekend they are not serious at all. For them weekend means alchool, parties, sex, no sleep. After one weekend you start to ask yourself: how can they live like this? They don't get tired? Actually they don't. They are robots created so well than nothing can make them stop.
Berlin is a combination of new and vintage, of serious and craziness, of young and old. The better way to visit this city is with friends or people you care. If you come alone you feel absorbed by all the atmosphere and you will feel tired and wishing to go home.


  1. poi, unde-s fotografiile ?! si hei, unde-s berariile ???!!!

  2. Pai fotografiile in forma de inima sunt pozele sunt si poze din pub-uri si discoteci. E un Irish Pub aici absolut genial. True, e 5 euro guinnes dar e foarte tare amenajat si eu in weekend trupe irlandeze care vin si canta. Foarte tare!!!